Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Who is Superconnect?

Perhaps you have just found this blog and are wondering who on earth Superconnect is! Wonder no longer, I will tell you.

Superconnect is a business that was started in 1996 to provide superannuation solutions for businesses within Australia. Our company is wholly Australian owned and operated and is operated in the State of New South Wales. Superconnect solutions are available to be used by employers right across Australia, superannuation fund administrators, payroll bureaus and others who are compelled by law to make superannuation payments on behalf of staff under employ.

With our experienced team, meticulous processes and practical approach, we integrate technology with our knowledge of the Australian superannuation industry to provide accurate and effective web-based solutions.

If you are an employer and wish to use Superconnect as a means to effect superannuation contributions then you should register and begin using Superconnect. Registering with Superconnect is free. Once you register you can see exactly how Superconnect saves you money, time and effort in making Superannaution contributions.

Go ahead and register now.

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