Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Superannuation Guarantee Contributions

Following on from my previous topic, about the different payment types Superconnect Clearing House can handle we must of course talk about the main payment type -- the Superannuation Guarantee Contribution. This is the main payment type that you would handle through the Superconnect system.

Just to review for a moment, the Superannuation Guarantee contribution is a required payment employers must make on behalf of their employees. The aim is to ensure that as many Australians as possible enjoy the benefits of a superannuation income in their retirement.

As you would possibly know, the Superannuation Guarantee is an employer obligation. The contributions are a minimum set down by the Federal Government and must be paid into a complying fund, which is one that meets government standards.

If an employee earns $1,000 a month, your contribution to their super fund each month would be $90.

Ideally, this amount should be paid into your employee's super fund of choice at the same time as they receive their pay. However, this is where a lot of administrative cost comes in -- making payments to different super funds, in some cases one super fund per employee. This is where using Superconnect can save you so much time and money in sending off superannuation contributions.

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