Thursday, September 4, 2008

What if we don't generate a payroll file?

Here is the question you are asking: Can we use Superconnect if we don't generate a payroll file?

Most definitely you can use Superconnect if you do not generate a payroll file of some sort. Superconnect has, as a second option, a web interface where all the data needed to make superannuation contributions can be collected, collated and stored prior to and after making a contribution run.

All you need to use the web interface is a computer connected to the Internet running a common browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox. You will still need to register which requires you to visit the Superconnect site, complete some online forms and send in a hard copy of your sign-up along with a signature.

Or if you wish, you can use Superconnect another way. Instead of using the online web form, you could amass all information required to make superannuation contributions on behalf of your employees by inputting all the required data in a spreadsheet. As part of the sign-up process you can forward that spreadsheet to Superconnect staff who will arrange your sign-on so that it will accept all the data necesssary in the order that you supplied.

There are at least two ways you, as employer, can forward data to Superconnect to automate your superannuation contribution payments.

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