Thursday, September 11, 2008

Training Costs: Evil Necessity

I think you would agree with me that training in your organization is a cost that seems to go nowhere. It is as one might say "An evil necessity." But why is training a necessity?

It seems that business activity these days is rather a complex set of behaviours. There are all manner of complex things these days. Just using a computer in your organization is set up so that your company can do business in its own particular way. In the accounting department you have all manner of complex things to do.

Perhaps one of the most complex things you do is pay superannuation contributions on behalf of your employees. With the fact that each employee can now choose her/his own superannuation fund, it all becomes so complex that it can take up a huge amount of time. And if you have to hand over the payment of superannuation contributions to another staff member the amount of time to train the other person to complete contribution payments is a huge time sink.

The fact is paying superannuation contributions need not be such a time sink. You could subscribe to Superconnect and simplify all this. In fact, once you use superconnect handing over to someone else will be easy. No training time needed it is that simple. So, I urge you, to simplify the way you do things you need to Superconnect your superannuation contributions. You will be able to reduce one of those complexities in your business activity.

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