Monday, September 15, 2008

Personal Requirements

We all have our personal problems. Some of us are overweight, others have diabetes, heart problems, near-sightedness, and so the list could go on. It is all a matter of life, the way it presents as we go from childhood to the grave. There is one thing that is sure for all of us and that is we all grow old. That is why we have superannuation, a fund of money that can be there when we are old and in need of income without the need to work.

Today we have a relatively well organised method of adding funds to our superannuation monies. Our employers make contributions on our behalf. We can also add to that by making voluntary additional contributions. There is a complex way in which each of us can make contributions to our superannuation funds.

But employers are faced with a complex web of activity to pay contributions on our behalf. There are different ways that funds can be paid, there is often one superannuation fund for this person and another for the other person.

There is a way to simplify this all for your employers and that is to sign on for Superconnect's superannuation clearing house service. This is the way to do superannuation simply.

If your employer is not using Superconnect, how about suggesting that they look into using Superconnect. It will make sure that your superannuation payments are made and do end up in the right place quickly, efficiently and without a lot of the possible hiccups possible in manually forwarding superannuation monies.

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