Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Superconnect Your Super

We would like to think that the Superconnect Clearing House is the place for all employers to make Superannuation contributions easy. And we are receiving confirmation of that fact as employers discover us and find how easy it is to make superannuation contributions through us.

Today I was talking to a couple of employers with 100 or so employees each. The discussion introducing Superconnect usually takes about 5 minutes and then the penny drops. One of the people on the end of the phone exclaimed, "Oh that is so easy compared with what I do at the moment. Where do I get started?"

The other person I was speaking to said something similar but added, "I wish I knew about this ages ago. You wouldn't believe how many letters and envelopes I have to use to pay superannuation each month. We have 100 employees or thereabout and I have to make up 80 letters, fill out forms, and send out 90 envelopes and a cheque goes with each."

Yes, I agree. Paying Superannuation contributions through Superconnect makes it all much easier. Just extract data from your payroll system or submit a spreadsheet, check online to see that everything is OK, and press the button and superannuation contributions are done.

You can find out everything about making your contributions through Superconnect by following this link.

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