Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Long-term Commitment

Superannuation is a long-term commitment. For many of us the current stock-market crash is of little consequence to the long-term survival of funds in our superannuation accounts. The stock market does go up as well and we will find that in time our superannuation accounts reflect a much healthier stock market in years to come.

But for others, who are requiring to retire this year or next, the stock market crash has come at a bad time. There are many who will have to stave off retirement and work an extra five or so years until things improve.

None of this should, however, stop us from continuing to store value in our superannuation funds. Maybe we might want to choose to place our current funds in something else than the stock market -- maybe your fund allows you to place value in money markets, or some other site rather than the stock market.

None of this alters the fact that your employer must pay on your behalf superannuation contributions and Superconnect is the best way of your employer doing that. Here in Australia, Superconnect is the most direct way your employer can make contributions on your behalf.

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