Friday, September 5, 2008

Superconnect and the new world of "Chrome"

So a new browser was borne yesterday. Google unleashed its new browser that it calls "Chrome". And what a descent little browser it is. It makes the world of browsing seem to simple . . . a version of what it used to feel like browsing before all the bloatware. And what speed it loads each page. Chrome makes the browser sink into insignificance, letting each page be the center of attention instead of the slowness of the browser to load.

Well, what has Chrome got to do with Superconnect. Trying out Chrome on all the sites I use I was surprised to see just how sophisticated the Superconnect site seemed in browsing it with Chrome. Boy do I like what I see with Chrome!! And as I am on Superconnect quite frequently, testing new little enhancements, trying to break the system or whatever my task may be, I am enjoying the new found freedom offered by Chrome . . . freedom from waiting for the next page.

To put it another way, Superconnect just absolutely sings when using Chrome. Must be the new browser! I recommend you do two things . . . download Chrome and secondly start using Superconnect for your superannuation payments. The two work fantastically together.

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