Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Using Superconnect: Improved Workflow

One of the more remarkable aspects of Superconnect is the way it simplifies your work-flow when preparing to make superannuation contributions.

Take full control of contribution payments and employee details using our intuitive interface. Superconnect helps you to easily manage superannuation payments by offering the following benefits:

  • contribution payment details extracted from your existing payroll software
  • keeps history of payments for all employees in one place
  • remembers the fund each employee is assigned to for each contribution type
  • remembers the super amount for a selected period
  • Direct Debit payments
  • full compliance with Choice of Fund
  • no-fuss DIY Fund payments
  • no more cheques or paperwork

You have control over all employee data and can process as-you-go saving time spent on reconciling employee contribution data at the end of the quarter. You control this online process and we retain all your records in your own secure instance within Superconnect.

Want to register to use Superconnect? Registration is free. Go to to register.

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