Thursday, August 28, 2008

Using Superconnect: Payroll Data

Have you already entered all superannuation information to make contributions payments into your payroll system? Yes, is the answer most people give. That means you are already prepared to use the Superconnect System.

Regardless of your payroll system all you need to do to start using Superconnect is to register, and then nominate the payroll system you are using and send us an export of superannuation data from your payroll system. Then within a short time you will be sent an email giving you the details of where to get started.

Yes, that is right, you do not need to key in any details into the Superconnect System, all we need to make payments on your behalf is to upload your payroll export data and the Superconnect System will do the rest.

This means that the Superconnect System will ingest your file, extract the relevant information and setup a file ready to be sent to the Superconnect Clearing House. Before you send the file to the clearing house you can inspect the details of all payments and you can even make some modifications if needed. Then you simply send the data to the clearing house and all payments will be made on your behalf.

We call the system a "straight-through-processing" system, because the data you already have in your payroll system can be sent straight through from your payroll system to the relevant Superannuation Administrators. This eliminates any errors. There is no further keying in of data from your end and the Superannuation Administrators accept from the Superconnect Clearing House the data electronically. Gone is the need for paper forms to be filled in, no cheques to deliver and all is done for you.

To register on the Superconnect System to get started all you need is to go to this address and register:

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