Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More About Superconnnect Security

What I wanted to talk about today is the way we keep Superconnect a very secure site. The first thing you should know is that all communication you have with Superconnect is all encrypted.

To make sure you are on the correct site you should be aware of the address to which your browser is pointed. If the address shows as anything other than the following address, you may be on the wrong site. The address that should be in your browser when newly pointing to the Superconnect site is: http://www.superconnect.com.au/default.asp. Note this address has the "www" in it. While you can also arrive at the Superconnect site with an address missing the "www" we suggest that you always include the "www" to make sure you are on the correct site.

Second thing I need to mention is that if you receive an email that seems to be from Superconnect asking you to log into the Superconnect Clearing House please disregard that email. If you do receive a request in an email to log into the Suerconnect site you can rest assured that we will never send such an email to you. Most likely the email will have an erroneus address and when you input your username and password for the Superconnect site you will have just given away your details for scammers to use your access to Superconnect.

So never use a link from within an email to arrive at the Superconnect site. Always enter the address yourself and when you have arrived at the login page make sure that the little padlock is shown to be closed/locked.

In practice, if you ensure that you always use the exact address and making sure never to follow a link in an email that seems to be from Superconnect you will be very sure of your security when using our site.

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