Friday, August 22, 2008

What if we don't do wages electronically?

Good news, even if you don't do wages electronically you can still use the Superconnect Clearing House to pay your employees' superannuation contributions. Superconnect offers you a web interface complete with an e-form to setup all information required to complete superannuation contributions.

And it gets better, all data you enter via the Superconnect Clearing House web form is saved in the system. So next month when it comes time to pay superannuation contributions, all the data is there and simply needs any updates, or if there are no updates or changes to the information, you simply use the data in the system to create this next month's payments.

Of course you can use the system to pay superannuation payments quarterly or monthly whichever you choose.

To complete a superannuation contribution on behalf of your employees you will need the following information to complete the payment: name of employee, address, date of birth (DOB), tax file number (TFN), occupation, salary, salary type, and you will also need to know the superannuation fund, product to which the employee is subscribed, and the amounts of each contribution.

Once you have all the information for an employee making a superannuation contribution payment is simple. Why not try the system yourself to see how it works. You can register to use the system and there is no payment required until you actually use the system to make a payment. So why not try it today?

Go to this url to register:

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