Friday, August 29, 2008

Using Superconnect: Fees

You know, Superconnect is one of the best kept secrets in the Australian business world. Not only does it save time and effort in making superannuation contributions but it also saves a huge amount of money.

Let's look at the costs of paying superannuation contributions for each employee of yours. What does it cost? If you are having to complete paper forms, write cheques, and mail payments it is costing you a fortune what with all that administration time of your employees as well. It has been estimated that for each cheque you write, and the associated forms related to that you are paying well into the $30 to $40 per cheque and the related forms requird by the superannuation fund administrators.

Now with your employees being able to choose their own superannuation fund, there is a possibility that for each employee you have you will need to cut a cheque and fill in the forms, one fund at a time. Now that is a costly administration nightmare.

Enter Superconnect. No longer do you have to compete this job one fund at a time. All that is taken care of through the Superconnect Clearing House. And what is more the cost is now in the cents per transaction rather than the $30 or $40.

Have a look at the costs of using Superconnect. It will surprise you how little it costs.

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