Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Three Steps to Ensure Your Super Guarantee Obligations are Met

When a new employee starts with your company there are three steps you should follow to ensure your superannuation guarantee obligations are met.

In the first step you should identify any new employees that are eligible for super payments. If you do not have any eligible employees there is nothing you need to do further. However, if you have new employees who are eligible to select their own super fund you need to follow through with providing them with the standard choice form.

A new employee is eligible to select their own super fund if:
  • employed under a federal award
  • employed under a former state award, now known as a ‘notional agreement preserving state award’
  • employed under another award or agreement that doesn’t require superannuation support, or
  • not employed under any state award or industrial agreement (including contractors paid principally for their labour).
In the second step you should provide eligible employees with a Standard Choice Form. These are obtainable from the link provided above.

Once your employee has nominated his/her choice of fund you then need to take the third step and act on your emploee's choice. You have two months from the date of notification to pay your employee's contributions to her/his choice of fund.

More information on these three steps is available from the Australian Taxation Office website.

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