Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Introducing Superconnect Clearing House

Welcome dear readers to our blog, the blog all about the Superconnect Clearing House. First I think I should give you a link to our site so that you can explore and find out more for yourself. Yes, we are Australian and we offer employers a great way to save money, time and effort in administering Superannuation payments that are made on behalf of employees.

Here is the link to go to our website:

What we can do for you is to provide employers a way to make superannuation payments simple. Do you have 20 to 500 employees? And you need to make superannuation payments on their behalf? And you make payments to a lot of do-it-yourself superannuation funds? And making superannuation payments is taking more and more time? Then Superconnect can definitely help you to save money, time and effort.

As the days unfold on this blogsite, I will tell you more about Superconnect and what it can do for your company. Keep reading this blog and you will learn how to save money when making superannuation payments. More soon.

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