Friday, December 5, 2008

Required Superannuation Record Keeping

There are record keeping obligations to which you must adhere as an employer making super contributions for and on behalf of your employees. Records of what you have paid needs to be kept in English, for five years, and if needed you should have the right software to access those records.

There are also specific records you need to keep in relation to the making of payments for the Superannuation Gurantee contributions. You need to keep such records for five years and you need to keep any documents that you used to calculate how much superannuation was paid for each person. You also need to keep records that affect your liability, such as advice from trustees about the funds to which you are contributing. These records can be examined by the Tax Office and there are penalties for failing to keep accurate records.

Also, if you incur any super guarantee charge you need to keep records showing how you calculated the charge and when such payments were made. There are penalties for not keeping records regarding the superannuation guarantee payments.

For further information about keeping superannuation guarantee contributions you should visit the Australian Taxation Office website page titled "Superannuation Record Keeping". As well you can visit the Superconnect Clearing House website to see how using the Superconnect system you can maintain elecronic records of super contributions.

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